Solar Lantern - LED Solar Lantern (5 Watt)
Neosol solar powered lantern has found good acceptance in the market, specially in the region where power supply is scarce and irregular. The portable lightening system consists of sealed maintenance free battery, electronics placed in a lantern casing and a solar PV module. Customers can avail both LED as well as CFL based solar lantern at the most competitive prices.

LED Solar Lantern (5 Watt)
These LED solar lanterns are very easy to use and have good light intensity. These lanterns are highly reliable and durable with negligible repair & maintenance cost.

Key Features :
LED Solar Lantern (3 Watt)

  • Microcontroller based electronic circuitry
  • Low self-discharge, highly reliable, low maintenance SMF battery
  • Protected from overcharging and deep discharge.
  • LED indication for "Battery Charging" and "Battery Low"
  • Lest no-load current
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability and durability
  • More intensity of light
  • Use selectable high/low intensity
  • Excellent for remote villages as well as urban cities
  • With Mobile charging facility with multi pins

Technical Data :
  Working Hours
  Working Hours 8-10Hrs
  Nominal Power 5W
  Efficiency >90%
  Battery 4.5Ah SMF
  No of LEDs 3
  SPV 5W
  Self Consumption <1 ma
  Nominal Battery Voltage 6V
  Max Module Current 1A
  Charge Control PWM
  Charge Control PWM
  Display Indications LED (Low Battery. Charging)
  Lantern Body ABS
  Luminary Degree of Protection IP 65
  Cooling Natural air cooled
  Ambient Temperature -20C to +50C