Solar Water Heating - ETC Solar Water Heater
Easy Photovoltech's solar water heaters comprises of an evacuated tube solar collector and storage water tanks that are connected together; water tank on the top and evacuated tube collector on the bottom. The relies on the natural circulation of water between the collector and the water tank. As water in the vacuum tubes is heated, it rises naturally into the tank, while cool water in the tank flows down to the bottom of the vacuum tubes, causing circulation in the system. Solar water heaters can move water or a heat-transfer fluid through the system without pumps. Our water heaters are simple and safe solution for household, industrial and other commercial use. We manufacture and supply solar water heater, ETC solar water heater, flat plate solar water heaters, domestic and industrial solar water heaters.

ETC Solar Water Heater
ETC Domestic Solar Water Heater :
Easy Power Introduces high efficient MIRACLE Solar Water Heaters for Domestic & Industrial applications, which is as per International Standards and made of high density Borosilicate Tubes and coated (triple coating), which are vaccumised / air evacuated to prevent conduction and convection heat losses.

Special Features Provided in the System
System Dry Run Protection, System High Pressure Protection, System Extreme High Temperature Protection, System Evacuation Protection, Sacrificial Anode-of-Magnesium, Electrical Backup, Pressure Reducing Value, Air Relief Valve / Vent.

What’s…Vacuum Tube Collectortype Solar Water Heaters works efficiently in cold climates or in 70 Deg. Hot water outlet applications? The construction of the collector tube is similar to a thermos flask, piece in that it comprises of two borosilicate glass tubes, one sealed inside the other. The outside of the inner glass tube is coated with a solar selector surface (Al-N/Al) & the space between the two tubes is evacuated & maintained at a high vacuum. This Vacuum created inside the high strength borosilicate glass tube act as an insulator supporting heat loss & enhanced performance.

The use of 3.3 borosilicate glass makes this vacuum tube highly resistant to chemical & thermal shock.

They are designed to suit hard water heating. There is no bonding of scales on smooth surface of glass tube. Cleaning of collector is very easy.

LED Solar Lantern (3 Watt)